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Using the Glass: Scoring with Bank Shots

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Using the Glass: Scoring with Bank Shots

The art of the bank shot is one of the most underappreciated techniques in basketball. While flashy dunks and deep threes often steal the headlines, a well-executed bank shot can be just as effective and aesthetically pleasing. By using the backboard, players can increase their scoring percentages, particularly from certain angles. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the technique, angles, and touch required to master the bank shot.

Why Use the Glass?

Bank shots are effective for several reasons:

  1. Higher Percentage Success: The backboard provides a larger target, which can increase your chances of making the shot.
  2. Angles: Bank shots allow for better use of angles, especially when shooting from the sides.
  3. Control: Using the glass can provide more control and predictability in your shots.

The Fundamentals


  1. Positioning: Stand at a comfortable position near the key, facing the basket at an angle.
  2. Eyes on Target: Focus on the upper corner of the square on the backboard. This is generally considered the sweet spot.
  3. Footwork: Ensure your feet are shoulder-width apart for balance, and your shooting foot is slightly ahead.
  4. Release: Shoot with a high arc. The ball should hit the backboard softly.


The angle at which you approach the shot is crucial. Use this table to understand the ideal bank shot angles:

Shooting PositionIdeal Target on Backboard
Close to Baseline (corner)Outside of the square's near corner
Mid-Range WingCenter of the square
High PostUpper part of the square


A soft touch is essential. Here are some tips:

  1. Grip: Hold the ball with your fingertips, not the palms.
  2. Follow Through: Your wrist should be relaxed, and your fingers should point towards the target after release.
  3. Practice: Consistent practice with different speeds and angles will improve your touch.

Coaching Insights


  1. Mikan Drill: A classic drill to practice shooting bank shots from different angles.
  2. Angle Shooting: Place markers at various spots around the key and practice hitting the designated area of the backboard.
  3. Spot Shooting: Shoot bank shots from marked spots around the key, moving from one to another in quick succession.

Player Knowledge

Encourage players to:

  • Watch Footage: Study players like Tim Duncan or Dwyane Wade, who are known for their excellent use of bank shots.
  • Analyze Your Game: Identify situations in games where a bank shot could have been effective.


Mastering the bank shot is a valuable addition to any player’s arsenal. It requires a blend of proper technique, understanding of angles, and a soft touch. By incorporating targeted drills and learning from some of the greats, players can make the bank shot a reliable scoring tool. So next time you hit the court, remember to use the glass!

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