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The Sombrero Flick: Going Over the Top

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The Sombrero Flick: Going Over the Top

In the beautiful game of soccer, there are moments of sheer magic where skill, creativity, and audacity come together to produce moments of individual brilliance. The sombrero flick is one such move that embodies the flair and innovation of the sport. This trick, known for its jaw-dropping impact, involves lifting the ball over an opponent to leave them trailing while you advance into space.

Technique Breakdown

The sombrero flick is a high-risk, high-reward maneuver that requires precise timing, dexterity, and a good understanding of spatial awareness. Here's a step-by-step breakdown of the technique:

  1. Preparation and Positioning:

    • Position yourself around 2-3 yards from your opponent.
    • Ensure you have enough space behind and to the sides to avoid immediate recovery challenges.
  2. Execution:

    1. Foot Placement and Ball Contact:
      • Use the instep or laces of your dominant foot.
      • Scoop under the ball firmly, aiming to lift it sharply and directly upwards.
    2. Body Movement:
      • Lean forward slightly to encourage upward motion.
      • As the ball reaches its apex, use a quick burst of speed to move past your opponent.
    3. Final Touch:
      • As the ball lands, prepare for an immediate control touch or pass.
  3. Follow Through:

    • Position yourself to shield the ball.
    • Assess your next move instantly—be it a pass, dribble, or shot.

Scenarios for Optimal Use

The sombrero flick isn't just about showboating; it strategically deploys in situations where bypassing an opponent can greatly shift the momentum. Here are some key scenarios:

ScenarioIdeal ConditionsOutcome
1v1 SituationsDefender closing in rapidlyCreates space and beats the defender cleanly
Tight SpacesSurrounded by opponents with limited passing optionsOpens up the field and breaks away
Attacking ThirdNear the penalty area with a chance to shootTakes defenders out of play, increases scoring opportunities
Counter-AttackIsolated but with teammates making forward runsLaunches a quick breakaway, maintains momentum

Coaching Wisdom

Teaching the sombrero flick requires patience and encouragement. Here are some coaching tips to help players master this art:

  1. Start Simple:

    • Begin with basic ball lifting drills to develop the necessary foot-eye coordination and confidence.
    • Use cones to simulate defenders, gradually increasing the difficulty.
  2. Repetitive Drills:

    • Incorporate the flick into regular dribbling exercises.
    • Create drills that simulate game scenarios, focusing on timing and decision-making.
  3. Encourage Creativity:

    • Allow players the freedom to experiment during practice.
    • Set aside time for practicing tricks in a low-pressure environment.
  4. Game Footage Analysis:

    • Show clips of professional players successfully using the sombrero flick in matches.
    • Discuss the context and execution, reinforcing the learning experience.

Player Insights

Players who've successfully integrated the sombrero flick into their repertoire share a common understanding: confidence is key. Whether it's legendary moves by Ronaldinho or Neymar, these players emphasize:

  • "Feel the moment": Trust your instincts when deciding to perform the flick.
  • "Stay unpredictable": Use body feints and eye movement to mislead defenders.
  • "Keep practicing": Consistent practice under varied conditions foster skill mastery.


The sombrero flick is more than just a trick—it's a demonstration of skill, vision, and audacity. By understanding its technique and knowing when to deploy it, players can add an extraordinary weapon to their attacking arsenal. Coaches, too, can cultivate an atmosphere where such creativity is nurtured. So, lace up your boots, hit the training ground, and get ready to lift your game to new heights—just like the ball during a perfect sombrero flick.