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The Fadeaway Jumper: Scoring with Separation

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The Fadeaway Jumper: Scoring with Separation

Basketball is a game of inches. The difference between a blocked shot and a swish can be a millisecond or a couple of inches of separation. This is where the fadeaway jumper comes into play, particularly for centers. Mastering this shot allows players to create just enough space to get their shot off cleanly, even against the toughest defenders.

What is a Fadeaway Jumper?

A fadeaway jumper is a type of shot where the shooter leans back away from the basket as they release the ball. This backward motion creates space between the shooter and the defender, making it harder for the defender to block the shot.

Why Use a Fadeaway Jumper?

  1. Separation: The primary purpose of the fadeaway is to create separation. The backward lean makes it difficult for defenders to contest the shot effectively.
  2. Versatility: This shot can be executed from various spots on the court, making it versatile for different playstyles.
  3. Unpredictability: When used effectively, it can keep defenders guessing and off-balance, which can open up other parts of the offensive game.

Executing the Fadeaway Jumper

Here's a step-by-step guide to mastering the fadeaway jumper:

  1. Positioning:

    • Start with your back to the basket.
    • Pivot to face the defender.
    • Plant your leading foot firmly on the ground.
  2. Setup:

    • Initiate your shot motion while maintaining eye contact with the basket.
    • Use a jab step or a pump fake to get the defender off balance.
  3. The Fade:

    • As you begin to rise for the jumper, lean your upper body backward.
    • Shift your weight to your back foot.
  4. Release:

    • Release the ball at the peak of your jump.
    • Ensure your wrist flicks the ball with a high follow-through to get a good arc.
  5. Balance:

    • Maintain balance by keeping your legs slightly wider than shoulder-width, and land softly to minimize injury risk.

Coaching Wisdom: The Hakeem Olajuwon Method

No discussion of the fadeaway is complete without mentioning Hakeem Olajuwon. Known as "The Dream," Olajuwon's footwork and finesse in the post were legendary. Here are some tips derived from his approach:

AspectHakeem's TechniqueCoaching Tip
FootworkPrecise and quickPractice daily footwork drills
BalanceExcellent core strengthCore workouts are a must
Shot ReleaseSoft touch with a high arcFocus on wrist strength and follow-through
DeceptionUse of fakes and spinsIncorporate head fakes and pivoting drills


The fadeaway jumper is more than just a shot; it’s an art form essential for centers looking to expand their scoring repertoire. By mastering the techniques outlined above and studying legends like Hakeem Olajuwon, players can create scoring opportunities that leave defenders stymied. So, lace up, hit the court, and start practicing your fadeaway jumper today!