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Passing Out of the Post: Finding Open Teammates

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Passing Out of the Post: Finding Open Teammates

In basketball, the post position is a pivotal spot for initiating offense. The ability to pass effectively out of the post can turn a strong interior presence into a dual threat, creating scoring opportunities both inside and out. In this article, we'll delve into key techniques for making precise passes from the post, recognizing double teams, and setting up open shooters. Whether you're a player looking to enhance your skills or a coach aiming to bolster your Teams offensive arsenal, understanding how to utilize the post effectively will elevate your game.

Recognizing Double Teams

A fundamental aspect of passing out of the post is recognizing when the defense sends a double team. Here are some key pointers:

  • Keep Your Head Up: Always maintain a high basketball IQ by keeping your head up and scanning the court. This awareness will help you gauge when a double team is approaching.
  • Pivot and See: Use your pivot foot to create space and vision angles. This will allow you to see the entire floor and spot open teammates.
  • Listen for Communication: If you're in a crowded arena, rely on your teammates to communicate defensive shifts. They might call out when a double team is coming.

Techniques for Effective Passing

To execute a successful pass from the post, consider these advanced techniques:

  • Fake Pass: Use a fake to draw the defense one way before making your actual pass. This can create just enough space for your teammate to get open.
  • Bounce Pass: A well-timed bounce pass can be effective against aggressive defenders as it’s more difficult to intercept.
  • Overhead Pass: When faced with taller defenders, an overhead pass can help you get the ball over their extended arms.

Utilizing the Shot Clock

Understanding and utilizing the shot clock is crucial for making smart decisions:

Shot Clock TimeAction
24-14 secondsInitiate play: Take your time to read the defense and make a calculated decision.
13-6 secondsCreate action: Begin to make your move, either passing, dribbling, or shooting.
5-0 secondsUrgency: Execute a quick, decisive action to avoid a shot clock violation.

Setting Up Open Shooters

To maximize scoring opportunities, consider these strategies:

  • Post to Perimeter: Look for perimeter shooters when the defense collapses. Quick, sharp passes to the three-point line can create open looks.
  • Weak Side Action: Encourage off-ball movement. Teammates cutting to the weak side can create easy passing lanes and open shots.
  • Kick-Out Drills: Practice kick-out drills in training sessions where post players pivot and pass to shooters on the perimeter.

Drills for Practice

Here are some drills to improve passing out of the post:

1. Four Corners Passing Drill

Setup: Place four players in each corner of the paint, with one player in the post position.


  1. The post player receives the ball and must pivot to see all four corners.
  2. On the coach's signal, a player from one of the corners moves to the three-point line.
  3. The post player must quickly identify and pass to the moving player.

2. Double Team Recognition Drill

Setup: Place a player in the post with defenders rotating to simulate a double-team.


  1. Have the post player dribble with their back to the basket.
  2. On the coach's signal, two defenders close in on the post player.
  3. The post player must fake a pass, pivot, and pass to an open teammate before getting trapped.

By mastering these techniques and incorporating these drills into your training, you can turn the post position into a strategic advantage, creating scoring opportunities for yourself and your teammates. Happy hooping!

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