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Run Blocking Drills: Improving Power and Precision

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Run Blocking Drills: Improving Power and Precision

In the high-stakes environment of football, effective run blocking is a critical skill that can turn the tide of a game. Whether you're a player looking to enhance your skills or a coach aiming to build a more formidable offensive line, focusing on the details of power and precision in run blocking drills is essential. This article covers specific drills to elevate your Teams performance in the running game.

Understanding the Essentials

Run blocking is not just about raw power; it's a blend of technique, timing, and teamwork. Here are the three core components:

  1. Footwork: Good blocking starts with your feet. Quick, precise steps ensure proper alignment and balance.
  2. Hand Placement: Correct hand placement can control the defender and create lanes for the running back.
  3. Leverage: Lower body strength and proper pad level can give you the leverage needed to dominate at the line of scrimmage.

Key Drills for Power and Precision

Below, we've outlined drills that specifically target these core components to enhance run blocking performance.

1. Drive Block Drill

Objective: Increase power and leverage.


  • Use blocking sleds or heavy bags.
  • Players line up in front of the equipment.


  • On the whistle, players drive into the blocking sled or bag, maintaining low pad level and working on explosive first steps.
  • Focus on keeping a wide base and staying balanced while driving forward.

Coaching Tips:

  • Emphasize keeping pads low and using legs to drive through.
  • Ensure hands are inside the opponent's frame to control the block.

2. Chute Drill

Objective: Improve pad level and forward explosion.


  • Utilize chutes that force players to stay low.
  • Players line up in front of the chute.


  • On the coach's signal, players fire off and move through the chute, maintaining a low body position.
  • They engage a stationary defender at the end of the chute.

Coaching Tips:

  • Praise players who maintain leverage and explode out of their stance.
  • Focus on consistency in low pad level and forward movement.

3. Double Team Block Drill

Objective: Enhance teamwork and combined power.


  • Pair players together and line them up against a defensive lineman or heavy bag.


  • On the whistle, the paired players work together to drive the defender back.
  • One player focuses on initial contact while the other supports and redirects the defender.

Coaching Tips:

  • Emphasize synchronization between the two blockers.
  • Ensure both players are using proper hand placement and footwork.

4. Combo Block to Linebacker Drill

Objective: Train precision in transitioning from the defensive line to the second level.


  • Assign one player to block a defensive lineman and another to target a linebacker.
  • Use cones or mannequins to represent defensive players.


  • On the whistle, the lineman performs an initial combo block.
  • After a preset count, they disengage and climb to the second level to block the linebacker.

Coaching Tips:

  • Stress the importance of timing and communication.
  • Reinforce clean transitions and maintaining power while moving to the second level.

Advanced Techniques

To further refine these drills, consider integrating game-like scenarios and varying the tempo to simulate real game conditions. This helps players develop instinctive responses and adapt to dynamic situations on the field.

Table of Drills and Focus Areas

DrillCore FocusKey Points
Drive Block DrillPower & LeverageLow pad level, explosive steps, balance
Chute DrillPad Level & ExplosionStaying low, forward movement, engaging defender at the end
Double Team Block DrillTeamwork & PowerSynchronization, hand placement, joint effort
Combo Block to LinebackerPrecision & TransitionTiming, communication, clean transitions


Run blocking is an art that requires dedicated practice and attention to detail. By incorporating these targeted drills into your training regimen, you can significantly improve both the power and precision of your offensive line. Remember, the key to mastering these drills lies in consistent practice, effective coaching, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Stay tuned for more tips and strategies to dominate the gridiron!

Feel free to adjust the drills and tips to better match your Teams specific needs and skill level. Happy training!