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Run Blocking Drills: Improving Power and Precision

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Run Blocking Drills: Improving Power and Precision

Run blocking is an art form in football that requires a blend of strength, technique, and teamwork. Whether you are a coach aiming to sharpen your Teams skills or a player striving to dominate the line of scrimmage, mastering run blocking techniques is crucial. This article will outline specific drills that can help improve power, precision, and effectiveness in the running game.

Key Components of Effective Run Blocking

Before diving into the drills, it's important to understand the core components that make an effective run blocker:

  1. Stance and Alignment: Proper stance and alignment set the foundation for successful blocks.
  2. Initial Explosion: Quickness and power off the line of scrimmage are critical.
  3. Hand Placement: Correct hand placement helps control defenders.
  4. Leverage and Balance: Using leverage and maintaining balance to avoid being overpowered.

Essential Run Blocking Drills

1. Sled Push Drill


Build explosive power and driving force.


  • Use a blocking sled.
  • Divide players into groups of three.


  1. Line up the first player in a proper 3-point stance.
  2. On the coach's whistle, the player drives the sled for five yards.
  3. Emphasize low pad level and a strong leg drive.

2. One-on-One Drive Block


Improve technique in driving a single defender off the line.


  • Mark a five-yard by five-yard square with cones.
  • Players pair up (one blocker, one defender).


  1. Blocker assumes a stance opposite the defender.
  2. On the snap, the blocker drives the defender out of the square using correct techniques (leverage, hand placement, balance).
  3. Rotate partners and repeat.

3. Chute and Shield Combo Drill


Refine pad level and block engagement.


  • Blocking chutes (height-adjustable) and hand shields.
  • Players line up in single file.


  1. Players fire out from under the chutes, maintaining a low pad level.
  2. Engage the shield held by another player or coach.
  3. Drive the shield back using proper form and footwork.

4. Double-Team Block


Enhance coordination and power in double-team blocks.


  • Pair up players and mark a five-yard zone.


  1. Two blockers engage one defender.
  2. Blockers must use coordinated footwork and hand placement.
  3. Drive the defender five yards back, maintaining balance and power.

Pro Tips for Coaches

  • Consistency is Key: Regular repetition of these drills helps ingrain proper techniques.
  • Feedback Loop: Provide immediate and specific feedback to players.
  • Film Review: Record drills and use film sessions to highlight successes and areas for improvement.
  • Emphasize Communication: Effective blocking often depends on linemen communicating well with each other.


Mastering run blocking takes dedication and precise training. These drills are designed not just to build strength, but to refine the techniques essential for executing flawless blocks. Remember, the key lies in consistent practice, attention to detail, and a coach's ability to instill these fundamentals in their players. Happy blocking!

By implementing these run blocking drills into your training regimen, you can significantly enhance both the power and precision of your offensive line. Stay focused, work hard, and watch as your running game reaches new heights.